Our journey into the ocean of mystical colours has always been a magical inspiration in creating some of our most beautiful pieces.


Taking a plain canvas leather and turning it into a breathe taking masterpiece is what we are inspired to do and can achieve through our patina service.


the flamboyance and the subtleness of Patina has made shoe makers of all kinds to explore this unique area of colour expression, and adding value to their product.


shoe patina has become a fashion trend, its culture and lifestyle just like the sapeurs of congo has spread all around the world like wildfire.


the vibrant colours, dark shadings that fades into the shadow lights has also inspired top fashion houses to adapted the illustration of Patina.   




Patina is an art form of colouring and can take many years of experience, this specialist field is created for customers interested in an artisan style finishing.

Inspired by the natural course of ageing in leather, the patination effect on a leather surface area produces a timeless pattern, exposing the skin to an oiled moisture from polishing and sunlight helps to create a discolouring shade and adds characteristics to the item, giving it a more vintage like look.


our in house patina service uses the finest leather dyes and methods of burnishing with antiquing to achieve that uniqueness, giving your shoes a distinction that sets them apart from others.

our inspiration comes from the debts of nature and the colours of life, allowing us to identify exactly what our customers are looking for