We offer a recolouring service to customers looking to bring life back to their leather goods, whether with a restoration or a full change of colour.

Our in house colouring service have been mastered through the art of dyeing and tanning leathers, with years of experience, each pigment is carefully mixed before being applied to the surface of the leather.

The leather material is fully nourished straight after being stripped of its original colour, this allows a rich hydration deep to the now porous leather core. After mixing the selected dyes, these are carefully blended together to avoid chalking and the"bronzing effect"and they are finally applied with a massaging method before adding a thin layer of locking balms to the surface. 

Our recolouring service takes between 1 to 2 weeks to finish, due to the drying stage of the finished work.

Each stage is done in 10 layers allowing the leather to absorb the pigments carefully, this way the leather is fully soaked to its core, giving it a more even finish.

We only use high quality dyes to achieve a more professional finishing, giving the leather goods that softly tanned natural look.


We specialise in two types of leather dyeing techniques.


Created by our in house specialist, the first is known as the EXPOSED DYEING, this process involves heating up the dye to allow the molecules to loosen up making it easier for the leather to absorb the pigments. This method of dyeing, is similar to the process of leather tanning. While in its steam state, the liquid is exposed to oxygen in the air allowing the dye to thinner and gradually soak in.

The second is known as POST DYEING, this method involves the application of the dye naturally without heat (i.e cold application). Each layer is given at least 30 minutes drying time before the second coat is laid on until the desired shade is achieved.

We take the process of dyeing leathers very seriously as it is a skilful craft with a detailed finishing.