In the world of Sartorialism, the passion for Menswear and fashion has seen an increased popularity


in the many years. The constant rise of competitiveness and individuality has built a culture and

opened a gateway to shoemakers around the world to be more creative with their ideas.

From the use of the word "No brown in town" to "Oxfords not Brogues",

 the historical phenomenon of sapeurs (a subculture of extraordinarily dressed dandies from the congo dating back to the 18th century) has fed the modern dandy man's wildest dreams to incorporate elegant shoes with eye catching colours with the finest tailoring to complement their sartorial lifestyle.

Their union of passion and love for flamboyant fashion - style, has opened the doors for shoe artisans all over the world

 to adventure on a new journey through the shoe Patination and Shoe Care industry to create a one off unique finish.

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Sartor Polishing is the soul of personalisation and self expression when it come to Shoe Patination and Shoe Care


Established in 2009, we have spent years of mastering our craft and contributing to this wonderful journey of sartorial lifestyle.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality of footwear maintenance and give our clients the opportunity to personalise their shoes.


We focus on everything leather from shoes to accessories covering a whole wide range of top brands and providing a service that complement our customers' stylish outfits.


Our essence can be encapsulated in our lifestyle motto:

Sartor Polishing, making simple things beautiful!


We are proud to say that our care for high quality shoe is a natural relationship. 

As shoe makers take great deal of time creating some of the world's finest shoes, we take pride in preserving their appearance and longevity by using the best Shoe Care brands on the market.


As you take time to navigate through our website, we hope you enjoy the experience and our content and should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our email.




Sartor Polishing

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