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Patina is an exquisite art form that captures the beauty of natural processes. It occurs over time as leather surfaces are exposed to air, water, and other elements, which creates a complexity of shades ranging from earth-green, earth-brown to earth-yellow. The term patina has been adopted in leather crafts to showcase the depths of various colours and combinations, resulting in truly unique pieces. Shoe patina, in particular, is a specialised skill that requires years of practice to master. With an in-depth understanding of colour components, patina artists can create personalised finishes for each customer.

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Blue shoe patina is a must-have in the fashion world. With navy to turquoise shades, it adds personality to your shoes. Pair it with green, tan, grey, or brown for a unique look. It's versatile for various styles and dress codes. Darker blues go well with white shirts, grey suits, or jeans for formal events. Lighter blues go well with cream suits, chinos, and blazers for casual events.


Tan shoe patina is versatile for casual and formal events, with light beige to chestnut brown shades. Pair a polished tan patina shoe with a dark suit for formal events. Tan patina shoes complement any smart casual attire with its classic colour scheme. Light tan patina shoes pair well with jeans and a polo shirt for a relaxed outfit. Experiment with different shades of tan, burgundy, green, or mid-brown for a unique and refreshing look. Tan patina shoes are timeless and perfect for any gentleman's collection.

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Green shoe patina adds character and style to your footwear collection with varying shades from olive to forest green. Pair them with a dark suit, black or tan to give a more formal look. Even casual outfits pair well with light-coloured shirts or jackets. Olive or forest green trousers can add sophistication to monochromatic looks. Mix and match with accessories like ties or pocket squares to add depth. Green patina shoes offer a unique and formal feel to your ensemble while adding colour and character.


Dark brown patina shoes are timeless and sophisticated, with versatility for any outfit. They pair well with colours like grey, navy, and black, making them practical for any occasion. Dress them up with a black or navy suit or down with chinos and a blazer. For formal events, meetings, and casual occasions, they're a must-have. Pair them with jeans, polo shirts, and casual jackets for comfort. Their sleek and polished look exudes sophistication and class with an effortless style.



Burgundy patina shoes are essential for style and versatility. They work well for formal and casual events, pairing with various colours like brown, grey, blue, and black. Burgundy patina shoes offer a timeless style that adds sophistication and modernity to any outfit. They can stand out as statement pieces and are suitable for a navy suit or jeans and a sweater. They elevate any outfit for a stylish and refined look. It's no wonder they remain popular with fashionable men.


Grey patina shoes are a timeless essential in any collection. They match well with various outfits, from neutral suits to casual wear. The marbled effect of the grey dye complements black or brown, resembling clouds for an elegant, unique look. Grey patina shoes work for every season and any occasion. Pair them with jeans and a sweater or navy/black suit. Grey adds sophistication and class to your fashion, which is why they are a staple in the fashion industry.

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Chestnut patina shoes are a timeless choice for fashionable men, with various finishes suitable for casual or formal events. They blend well with colours like navy, grey, and black, offering endless styling opportunities. With a rich tone and refined finish, they can be worn with a suit for weddings or meetings. Or pair them with jeans and jackets for a relaxed look.They're classic and versatile shoes perfect for years to come, regardless of fashion trends.

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