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Step into the world of artisan craftsmanship and discover the unique beauty of untanned crust leather shoes and patina.

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shoe care

Explore our premium shoe care products for maintaining, nourishing and protecting your shoes and leather goods.


Discover our comprehensive services including shoe repair, recoloring, polishing and maintenance.


If you are a business or an individual wanting to learn about leather patina or shoe care, please read more about our consultation service.


We believe that your footwear should be a reflection of your personal style, That’s why we empower you to take full control of what you wear.


Choosing the right shoe cream is essential for maintaining the quality and longevity of your leather shoes and enhancing its appearance.

Regular use of a high-quality shoe cream can help prolong the life of your shoes and keep them looking their best.

This is why Boot Black shoe cream is our number one go to cream, made only with the finest ingredients including argan oil, natural wax and nano-colour pigments.

Its natural ingredients like oils and waxes are not only environmentally friendly but also gentle on the leather, helping to preserve its natural properties without causing damage or buildup. 

The Two Face Plus Lotion is a light moisturising micellar water leather cleaner. By mixing argan oil and water, its formula offers the benefits of both nourishing and effecting cleaning.

These ingredients effectively combine and remain stable to provide a gentle yet effective approach to maintaining and caring for leather shoes.

The Two Face Plus Lotion is suitable for removing old hard wax or creams and also perfect for both oil and water-based stains whilst preserving the originality of the shoe colour.

It can also be used for leather linings, to clean and nourish them in a single operation, which considerably increases its durability.


A plain canvas opens the creative mind of an artist allowing the craftsman to

connect artistry and imagination with the tactile reality.

every shoe patina is finished with an individual character making it unique to the customer. 

Abstract Painting
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Every one of our shoe styles has been pre-designed for customers to choose from in untanned leather like a blank canvas ready to be painted on.

A variety of colour palettes are on offer, allowing you to choose a shade that perfectly complement your unique preference.

We use the process of patina to provide a one-of-a-kind, unique custom finishing experience for our customers.

Patina occurs naturally when a surface is exposed to moisture and sunlight, leading to its materials to develop fades and darkening based on exposure.

We take inspiration from this natural process to transform every pair of shoes into a work of art.

Our goal is to offer a platform for creativity, allowing you to express your personal style through customised colours and finishing. 

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