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Shoe makers keep a very steady construction for when it come to the Longevity in the making of shoes.

having the soul of your shoes nourished once in a while, allows the wear pattern to be easier for when the shoes are ready for repair.


Every good quality shoes should be able to be repaired, allowing the owner to have more wear from it, whether is a simple repair like scuffed toe caps and heel to a more technical repair such as full resoling and heel replacement, we guarantee 2-3 weeks turn around.

Our full refurbishing service includes a standard leather nourishing and polishing, giving your shoes a new soul.

we specialise in both Goodyear construction, Blake stitch and other areas of sole repairing.



All repairs typically takes 1-2 weeks and when they are back, we would give them a good care before informing you that they ready for collection.


Full Standard Leather Resole - Open stitching & Channelled Sole Finishing.



Full Rubber Resoling - Dainite, Commando, Vibram & Other Rubber sole Unit.



Metal steal Tips known as "Lulus"

A toe plates that is reinforced on the edge of the sole, preventing wear.


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