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In the world of professionals, it is often said that first impressions is key to making an impact in an environment of career development.

Maintaining your shoes and preserving their appearance is one of the important part of the shoe care journey.


Rehydrating your leather shoes is an essential part of the care process also using the right products such as Cream polish, Beeswax and Moisturising lotion plays a key role in helping to rejuvenates and Nourishes the condition of the shoes keeping them well and healthy. 




We offer two types of specialised shoe care service, one is our standard polishing and the other a classic shoe shine.


Our Standard polishing involves a basic subtle shine for the man on the go, giving the shoes a more natural finish.


Our Classic shoe shine service, is a highly skilled hand polishing technique using a traditional method to achieve a quality finish, giving your shoes that long lasting shine for several weeks.


Our hand technique style of polishing has been mastered for many years and has a tradition of its own, known as ''Sartor Polishing''.

This includes a full cleaning prep and shampooing of the leather, leather conditioning and nourishing then finished off with a mirror shine known as Glacage.





This includes deep cleaning, full leather treatment and condition and then hand finished with a high mirror 

shine on the toe caps and heels.







This process includes leather shampooing, conditioning and nourishing

with a

hand finishing shine on the

toe cap.






sp 1.jpg


If you are interested in any of our services, you will be responsible for the postage to send the shoes/accessories to us and back to you.

We kindly ask you to make sure these are well packed and including of shoe bags and trees where possible.

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